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South Australian family owned and operated since the 1960's, St James First Aid is now into its second generation of family ownership.
Starting from humble beginnings in a cottage on North Terrace, Hackney we have now established ourselves as being one of the largest suppliers of first aid kits and restocking in South Australia and are based at Pooraka.

Honesty, reliability, service and price are key to our business and we pride ourselves on these qualities.

How can St James First Aid help?

St James First Aid will assess your companies needs and provide a free audit on your first aid requirements.
We are able to provide all your first aid supplies, ensuring you are covered legally.

Our mobile vans are fully stocked and service all areas in the metropolitan and the greater metropolitan Adelaide.
Once you are on our client list, we will also keep you up-to-date on any important changes to the First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice that may occur to ensure you are always covered.

Accidents happen... are you prepared?
Make sure your workplace is compliant, or it could cost more than you expect.

Please contact our office on 8349 8063 for assistance or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


October is nationally recognised as Defibrillator Awareness Month.


Research published in the European Resuscitation Council's official journal “Resuscitation” examines community’s out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest data, both before and after running widespread CPR instruction programs and making AEDs available.

The research discovered that after the communities had made CPR training and AEDs readily available, out-of-hospital victims of Cardiac Arrest were four times more likely to receive CPR and twice as likely to receive defibrillation before emergency services arrived.
"Chest compressions and AED placement are critical first steps in the chain of survival that can be performed by citizens and first responders, so engaging the public is crucial," said Lori Boland, lead author of the study.

The study examined 294 out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest events across 17 communities.
120 out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest events were studied before the communities had widespread AEDs and CPR training available, and 174 events afterwards.

Bystander CPR rates increased from 83% to 95%, and bystander Defibrillation increased from 63% to 77% - with a recorded rise in survival rates.
"This paper confirms our belief that training the public results in increased bystander CPR and AED rates," said Dr Charles Lick, co-author of the report.

For the month of October, if you purchase a Heartsine Samaritan defibrillator, we will include a FREE Cabinet and Prep Kit valued at over $200.00!